• Channelled


    • Identifies the Karmic core issue of your personality
    • Outlines your strengths and weaknesses
    • Addresses areas of real importance
    • Inspires you to make changes
    • Helps you to focus and re-structure strategies
    • Offers a plan for self-healing
    • Focus on the present with relation to the past


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  • Tarot & Angel Cards


    • Fast intuitive reading
    • Replies to a specific question
    • Assesses your potential for desired outcome
    • Identifies the opportunities and available support
    • Teaches you how to ask the right questions
    • Focus on the present with relation to the future
    • Has long history of being used by Royals and aids


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Channelled Reading

Identifies your Karmic core issue and patterns that are holding you back

The channelled reading establishes the areas of life emitting your strength and from which you draw inspiration. It helps you prioritise and offers a plan for your self-healing and interacts on a deep, soul level.

Works at the core of your issue on a deep, soul level

Your Karma is built up of what you did in your past or previous incarnations and mainly “how” you did it. Karma is the frame of thoughts and emotions you were born with often manifested in soul-wounds. The channelled reading identifies the Karmic core issue, I call it the “fault in the system “, expressed in self-sabotaging patterns of more than one area of your life. The Numerology chart looks at the life cycle you are in and thus provides information for issues of real importance representing your current focus. The reading channels message from your higher-being and its very nature is truth. Therefore it calls for your readiness to accept your own limitations, clarify your intentions and re-shape your own strategy.

Inspires change of the way you think, eat, relax and express yourself

Your questions and concerns are in your past; your desired outcome is in your future. The reading bridges that gap by focusing on your present with clarity- what did not work so far and needs a change in the way you think, eat, relax or express yourself. In this part of the reading I draw inspiration by a Tarot and Angel cards layout.
I hope my reading to resonate with your inner authority inspires you to take steps towards a better life!

Book one reading now or share with me your concerns and I will help you choose the best option. Please, use the form below.

Tarot & Angel Cards Reading

The Tarot & Angel card reading is channelled for a specific question.

The Tarot & Angel card reading examines the ground in which you have planted your intentions. The Tarot & Angel card reading identifies the opportunities and underlying issues that may influence the outcome. The Tarot & Angel card reading identifies the help available at the present moment.
The Tarot & Angel card reading has a history of life behind the scenes. Royals and members of Court shaped their influential decisions through the card readings. Today it is open to everyone and has become a popular friend and daily confidant. The Tarot & Angel card reading offers a fresh perspective into your vision and present opportunities. It searches for the doors already open for you.

Focus on the present moment with regard to its manifesting potential.

You thoughts and vibrations now create your future and it is only you having the power to shape it. Therefore you The Tarot & Angel card reading will not tell you whether or not what you ask will happen, but how likely is it to happen and what you CAN do to make your success palpable. The Tarot & Angel card reading assesses your chances for manifestation and encourages you to ask the right questions, such as what activities are aligned to your life purpose, is it the right time to take actions, what help is in store for you? It is a Celtic cross reading of the classical Rider-Waite Tarot deck with messages from Archangels, Angels and Saints.
I hope my reading to resonate with your inner authority and be of service for your personal transformation and manifestation.

Book one reading now or share with me your concerns and I will help you choose the best option. Please, use the form below.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

This is 100% Money back guarantee service! If you are not satisfied with my reading, please, email me within 14 days. I will appreciate if you show me the reasons. I will refund 100% of your money with no further disputes.


What is reading?

In the light of this service reading means translating invisible soul information into words. Reading decodes files written in your spiritual being into thoughts or emotions perceived by your physical being. Reading harmonises with your guts and overrides your logic. Reading speaks the language of the soul opposing to the ego based thoughts which may infuse fear or anxiety. A good professional reading provides positivity vs. negativity, healing vs. prediction, inspiration vs. dependency.
What is self-healing?

We are all on spiritual journey marked by the degree in which we are able to take responsibility in what we create as our own reality. We move from a point of being done (something is done to me) to a point where we create for ourselves and others. Very important part of recognising our true potential is when we accept that all the power we seek is inside us! All healing we need we have always had. Self-healing means we move from the consciousness of being a victim of someone or circumstances to a consciousness of becoming in charge of our own destiny. It is the moment we claim back our own personal strength. I find this moment to be the turning point in my life and a very exciting one! Some spiritual teachers call it a shift, others call it change. For me it is the beginning of a profound cleansing on all levels spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Understanding of truth combined with inner authority does miracles!
What is karma?

Karma is the universal law of order. It is the law of cause and effect. What we do or did comes back to us. It is connected to the understanding that our previous lives have got the seeds of what we experience now. When you experience hurts in this life time it may mean you repay a karma debt to someone you have hurt. You may not have a recollection of it, but on a soul level you have agreed to the emotional debts to be repaid in this life time.
What is a “fault in the system”?

We are all born with one core issue – to self-heal a soul wound that dominates our emotions and thought patterns. And whatever we do, we inadvertently reach a moment when this “fault” manifests itself and prevents us from being truly happy. I will give an example below:
“Lisa is 49 years old. She has had numerous unsuccessful relationships and finally when she found someone suitable she married. In her relationship to her husband Lisa is very devoted, loving, supporting. Lisa gives 100% of herself to her husband and children. But yet she feels unhappy. She has the best husband she could possibly have and it isn’t enough. What is wrong?
The personality core issue, “the fault in the system” is called “personal limits”. Lisa has totally merged herself with her husband and family. There is very little left from her personality and the reason lies in her personal Karma. Lisa had life times being a person, who has lived in a shadow, supporting a mighty person, a king perhaps, who in exchange for her emotional support provided the food and shelter for her. But now is the time to self-heal this type of unhealthy relationship through understanding. Lisa suffers, her soul wants to remind her what she has come to transform now-her own sense of identity and recover her creative potential. Lisa has a life time goal to establish healthy boundaries and to learn to say “no” and take care of herself.”
How do you do channelling?

When I do a reading I tune in and step back (my Ego steps back) and I download information from Source provided for you. Sometimes it is your higher self, your angels or your soul that wants to speak. The channelling may reply to questions you have not dared to ask but are of importance to you, or may guide you to focus on areas you have ignored. As such, you may have asked questions related to your work or finances, but the main issue may well be to address your health. When I tune in I am able to see what is your priority area and thus guide you as to how you can make a shift.
How can your reading help me heal my relationship? Can I have my husband/partner back?

There may be different reasons for your separation. With the reading I am aiming to help you understand what makes you feel insecure in this relationship? In order to achieve self-healing one needs to be open and totally honest. Why are you in a relationship with this man, do you really want him? Are you really happy? There are no ready answers, it is all about you and whether or not you feel secure and express you true nature.
How long will it take to get my reading?

When you book a reading you will receive an email specifying the date of completion. Normally a channelled reading takes up to 3 days and a Tarot &Angel Card reading less than 48 hours. I aim to be as quick as I can, but sometimes I am overloaded and I have to put you in a queue.
Why do you need my date of birth?

To do a personalised reading I need to look at your native chart, for which I need your date of birth. I will not use your date of birth for any other reason. I respect your privacy!
Can I have a private session over the phone?

Yes, you can, please, send me an email.
What if I still have questions after I have got my reading?

If you do not understand the meaning of your reading, please, ask for clarification within a week of receiving the reading.
If you want to ask new questions, you will be able to do so at an additional small charge.
What if I want a reading but feel unsure which one to choose?

There are no ready answers to the question which one is the better reading. In life every situation is unique and what we can do is to discuss it first. I will be glad to be of an aid whether or not you book a reading. Just e-mail me and share your concerns, perhaps I can help, but if I cannot I may be able to suggest something more suitable for you.
How many questions I can ask when I book a reading?

I recommend you to focus on one or two questions. You may have more questions which to be covered in due course, but having the focus on one or two areas of life will produce more detailed and powerful reading. The booking form is designed for you to type your questions, if they do not fit there, please, send me an email.
What do you mean when you say “Tarot & Angel Card readings encourage you to ask the right questions”?

There is a lot of help available to you and offered by friends and organisations, or by the invisible world of your angels and spiritual guides. All you need to do is ask! If your prayers or questions are specific you will always get specific answers. When you try to accomplish a task but experience difficulties it is often related to you not been clear enough in the help you asked for. Asking the right question is half of the job done!
If I don’t like my reading what can you do about it?

If you are not satisfied with my reading, please, email me within 14 days. I will appreciate if you show me the reasons. I will refund 100% of your money with no further disputes.

About Me

  • I work on a soul level and I am a heart oriented spiritual consultant. In my practice I bridge Karma Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Angel Cards, Reiki, Mahatma, and other Eastern and Western spiritual practices with my Doctor’s degree in traditional Medicine. My very unique talent is the ability to quickly reach the core of an issue and decode it into practical tools for self- healing. What I am is what I have gone through and my knowledge has been tested in the reality.

    When I was a little girl I observed life in disbelief looking for what was hidden behind the scenes. I grew up in a communist environment soon to fall apart like shattered Lego pieces – it turned out for years we had collectively lived in an imaginary world.

  • My generation and I embarked on a journey “to change the system” and we finished up building an even more sophisticated illusion separating us into very poor and very rich. Being fed up with the lack of integrity in our society I emigrated to Britain, soon to realise it cannot offer me what I truly needed either.

    My never ending search for truth let me study a variety of teachings & spiritual practices: from the Hawaii huna practice to the Russian soul teachings and the ancient Eastern philosophies. I gathered the information piece by piece to make a picture. I cleansed it through my life experience, through my own hardships and sufferings, I polished it with the tools my second home country has given to me to be able to make it simple and clear for you. What I sincerely believe is truth, presented with compassion can heal and inspire!

    Looking back I see my core value to be the way how I relate to the world- with love and appreciation towards my friends and family who provide an emotional support for me. I see the wisdom of the Divinity who grants me with abundance and security. My connection to Nature is one of trust and joy and it is yet another source of my creativity. Maybe this is why I love doing the readings – it helps me feel connected? When I do readings I see the unity in all. People around the world share the same dreams. It really does not matter who you are, but rather are you the best you can. Isn’t it exciting?

What Clients Say About Me

Steffi was not only reading my birthday – some numbers or cards – it was as if she knew me. She had a deeper understanding of me, as if she could read the information in my cells that I do not access.
Thank you so much!

Author's imageLinda DudekDenmark

Your reading truly inspired me to embrace the present reality and not turn my back on it! I am glad I did the channeled service, I love the way you create a vision for change and help people achieve that vision! Thank you!

Author's imageDuncan Medhurst-JonesUK