Supercharge Your Soul for Self-healing

  • Meditation with the energy of gratitude and forgiveness

    This video is recorded just before Christmas with all the greatness and love surrounding the festive season. Forgiveness is the ultimate key to close the door of past and gratitude opens the door of new beginning!

  • Personal horoscope for year 2014

    Year ahead 2014 Year personal horoscope plus bonus Tarot reading

    Give yourself or a friend a Christmas gift – year ahead 2014 personal reading A lot of changes happened recently and in the last 3-4 months of 2013. These events shaped the grounds of what we can achieve in the future. Year 2013 was a year of personal transformation and the trends continue in 2014 […]

  • Do We Ever Change?

    As we grow in years and experience we tend to believe that we become a different person. We learn lessons; we intend to act in a new way if faced with challenges carrying old prints. But do we indeed change? I believe not. We only change the perception of Self, we change the attitude towards […]

  • Blessing Angels App

    Seeking answers to most pressing questions? Feeling stuck? Needing guidance in times of great change? Longing for support or peace of mind?

  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness

    It is about feeling powerful to participate and create our life events and not to be a victim of circumstances or other people’s will.

  • Tarot & Angel cards reading

    This is a reading for Carly from UK, who was considering an option to move abroad and was also looking for a twin flame relationship.

  • Channelled Reading

    This is a reading for Mary from Denmark who was exhausted of being perfect and yet unappreciated. Mary was concerned about her marriage.

  • Vywamus about life and consciousness

    In this channelling I was asking questions to Vywamus who overlooks the planetary shift into the new paradigm. Vywamus is a great spiritual Teacher and a higher aspect of our planetary logos. We talk about life and consciousness.