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Name: Mary K.
Gender: female
Date of birth: 26 march 1964
Areas of interest: work and family

Why I work hard but none appreciates me?
Why my husband says I am distant?

Dear Mary, your reading is based on the position of the Lunar North Node for your date of birth which shows on a deep soul level what is the very one, core issue in your life which needs healing. Let me start with the “good news”:

The North node is the closest to the North pool point where the axis of the Moon crosses the axis of Earth. It changes app. in 2,5 years and teaches us what we have come to self-heal in this life time. It is related to misconceptions, believes or patterns of behaviour in past lives; as a result shows up as the “fault” in the system. Here we identify the core issue on a soul level and make a plan for you to self- heal it.

Your strengths

You are very supportive and kind spirit. You naturally take charge not only of your own life, but also for other people’s lives. In a way you are “the boss” everywhere. The “good, capable, boss” who knows, who can and who does the job.

You have very strong and accurate business sense and great skills in negotiating and accomplishing business projects that makes you very successful in business.

You are highly responsible and sincerely believe taking charge of situations concerning others is your responsibility.

Your weaknesses

Surprisingly with your sense of responsibility and managing skills, even if you delegate you finish up doing the job yourself! You naturally expect recognition and respect in return for your hard work and contribution, but what you receive is hardly enough and mostly letting you down.

What is the core Karma issue, the “fault” in the system?

You had many live times being the “head” of the state, the family, the father figure – the one who feels responsible for the survival of the country, tribe or family. In this life time the need to control everything and everyone. You identify the control as responsibility and care, but your wrong interpretation of control issue has put you in a trap, and this is a lesson you need to learn. The very same strength of your character has become in this life time a “control” issue and has disconnected you for your main source of satisfaction- namely your own feelings. In this life time you tend to put your “responsibility” for others first by ignoring your own feelings to the extend to be out of touch with your feelings! Like having a mirror and avoiding to look at the image. Why? What can she see in the mirror? Your own insecurities, your own vulnerability hidden behind the mask of all knowing-all doing person.

The core karma issue is control vs. feelings

Respect is very important to you as you have been the public figure for many lives and you tend to need an audience and thus compromise by doing what is acceptable rather then what would be honest. Which can lead to a hard work without complain- you are very good in working 12 or more hours daily and staying goal focused all time taking everything too seriously! In which way you fail to recognise your own or other people’s feelings and to connect emotionally. This is often manifested as your resistance to accept suggestions.

In your intimate relationship you look too closed, too independent and controlling. Your partner may complain you always have an agenda, a goal! He may say you consider emotions a waste of time! He may also complaint you are out of touch with your emotions. Which is exactly where the core karma issue lays in your chart.

In this life you need to reconnect to your emotions and self-heal it.


How do you reconnect to your emotions?

When you find the strength to acknowledge the existence of your feelings such as fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, uncertainty etc. which are natural and common, you can connect to others and gain success. You need to learn to identify what is it that you feel? What is that you really experience, what is that you really want?  You need to separate the mental realm in which you are nearly 100% focused from what makes you feel responsible and active. The latter one forming your emotional realm. . Often there is a non-logical explanation into why we feel the way we feel, but there is no doubt in what we feel.

You need to learn what is it that you feel and trust your feelings are real and finally to find a way to express it without fear of misunderstanding or rejection.

You need to understand that telling other people how you feel about something will not make less respected! Quite reverse- you can gain admirations. The whole varieties of feelings – hurts, put-downs, frustration, embarrassment, etc are real as long as one fears them. The moment one recognises them and raises above them those feelings either disappear or step back. Your very strong will of achieving results if combined with vulnerability can make you greatly successful and satisfied. Your satisfaction is also related to the quality of the heart – to be open to receive complements, support and gifts from others. In a way your control is related to inability to receive. You need to learn that being responsible does not mean GIVING/providing/! But making the right balance.  You also need to understand nature of life being a constant flow of success and mistakes and that we all learn at each step. In your intimate life you are advised to share your feelings without fear of being hurt or misunderstood, because you won’t! He dearly loves you!

Areas of importance

Intimacy. Expressing feelings.


There is an issue of control we are dealing with and you can successfully heal it in the following ways:

  1. By reconnecting to your own feelings.
  2. Learning to share feelings.
  3. Learning to accept gifts and compliments.
  4. Learning to value the road not only the goal.
  5. By letting go control and learn to trust.

Steps to follow

  1. Self-healing may be supported by any practices looking at emotional issues such as yoga, breathing exercises, re-birthing, dancing, walking, jogging or hiking. Through intense breathing the help you balance your emotional realm. Make such sessions at least once weekly. Make it a priority.
  2. You can join sharing and meditation groups locally where you can learn to speak about feelings.
  3. Holotropic breath work heals stuck emotions. You can get at least one session by a local therapist.
  4. Avoiding strong tastes such as too salty or too sweet staff. Try to be balanced in eating. You can add more green leaves and green salads- the green coloured food will calm your emotions.
  5. Drink water!!! Your body is very thirsty, get at least 1,5 l. of water daily (do not include coffee or tea in it).
  6. Make time for your partner- at least half an hour every day without any interference such as visitors, kids or TV- just to talk about what you felt during the day.
  7. There are no health issue present in your chart.
  8. In your work and during the day give yourself 5 min time in every 2 hours by closing your eyes and breathing, just breathing deeply in and out.

KARMA wound determined by the position of Chiron in the chart. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. It urges us to resolve the disintegrating parts of the self. In the chart shows what we need to eliminate in order to achieve wholeness. Chiron offers us the gift of healing.

Not surprisingly for you the problematic area shown by the position of Chiron in your chart are emotions. You were born to self-heal the wound cased by loss of unity with the Divine. This karma wound is manifested in your inability to express own feelings or by feeling lost in other people’s feelings. People like you have karma wound in the intimacy zone. Try to really understand that there is no fault! It is the way how you were born and your very own lesson in life. Again the same message: let go and through recognition of your emotions unite the two parts of you- the male, active, achieving, taking-charge part ( you are so good in it!) and the female, emotional, passive part (you long for it and yes, you can do it!). Self –healing succeeds by putting IN and YN in perfect balance.

Healing affirmations:


More good news

Chiron will spend the next 7 years in a position strongly supporting you in the self-healing process until 2020!  A great blessing for you!

The year ahead:

You are in a year of prosperity and can successfully accomplish any project including your very own self-healing. By the same time till your next birthday you will have to look closely and make healthy choices in order to let in your life only what is worth for you. Separating the wheat from the chaff. And of course, you can do it! Your success is guaranteed and supported by the Universe!

Tarot &Angel cards message:

Your key Tarot card is the three of cups which refers to emotions (again). It is a card that shows emotional highs, a fruit that comes to fruition. This could mean a child or another creative project is due to be conceived. If you hope for a babe this is a very good sign!

Good luck, Mary!

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