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Name: Carly B.
Gender: female
Date of birth: 05 may 1971
Areas of interest: home and family

I am considering an option to move my home abroad.
What are the chances to meet my sweet heart there?
Will I ever get married?

Dear Carly,

I have chosen the Queen of pentacles card (in the middle of the layout) to represent your personality and see at the picture your Celtic cross spread. Additionally I have drawn 4 cards from Arch. Michael angel cards deck to get further guidance.

What is the main point in your reading?

Change. Turning point. You seem to be facing changes in more than one are of life. The change is already happening and you are in the process of doing it. It looks like this change has been longed for, prayed for, and hoped for. You have worked hard to make your success palpable. Very good!

Let’s take a close look at the environment you are currently in and available support

You are a person who has strong manifesting potential. It is easy for you to wish and get something. Your talents are in the creative field and by the same time very much grounded. If you work in the money sector using your creativity you are probably very successful. You are strong and independent. Career and money areas are quite good and balanced; now this is very interesting, career and money are balanced with spirituality, not with intimacy. At the present moment your main interest is to explore the spiritual realm, to learn more about yourself, about your life purpose and it kind of take your time to get close and personal. This trend of downplaying your emotional life has been going for quite a while and I see the time for change has come! By the same time you “swim” in love and kindness, people like you, love being with you and want to be in your company. There is also someone in your very close distance, perhaps even in your office or working for a client company who you often meet and for whom you are very special! You know whom I am talking about. Your relationship may have started in a way you never considered to be personal, but here you go, the Universe has orchestrated the plan for you to meet at work! I guess it might have to do with your focus at work at that time. Now let’s think what questions we can further ask to take closer look at him?

If the relationship has not developed yet, are you ready for it? It seems the answer is no.

Then let’s ask the next question: Why are you not ready for this relationship?

There is something in your home environment that you consider as a priority right now. And it seems to be your concern about a health issue of one of your parents. The angels say: “Lean on god and the angels for support”. You cannot change the story of life of someone else, what you can do is to provide lots of love and joy in the family of your dad and encourage them to forgive each other. As an independent woman you may even be surprised, but in the situation you are in there are lots of people who will be honoured to help you! Just ask for support! Learn to share what bothers you and this will give you further emotional strength.

Let’s focus on your question about moving abroad.

You native chart is of someone who was born to travel a lot and may have happy home in a foreign country. Actually the “foreign” environment will never feel “foreign” as it is related to your past lives and karma. The chances to move this year or next year look very high at the moment.

Let’s talk about your second question: Will you ever get married?

I think you already know the answer. Whether or not you will decide to tight the knot it will be up to you, not to him! It looks like the important question you did not dare to ask is:

“Is he the right man for me?”

The answer is highly positive. But you are obviously not in a rush with this relationship. You will perhaps take time to slowly proceed, learn about each other and then decide. And this is a good sign for committed relationship!

I am very happy doing your reading! I see a lot of light ahead, but I also see that you have gone through a lot! You have grown and you are keen to grow more and more.

Therefore let’s again see what steps you can take to make your life happier:

Health – no major issues except some dental problems related to unexpressed feelings

Exercises – this is an area you need to put attention. Some dynamic exercises need to be part of your regime. Consider to join a Pilates group or visit the local gym for more ideas.

Work& Money – quite strong at the moment

Intimacy – dreams come true zone when you allow it to happen

Spirituality – as you go ahead your spiritual power grows and your responsibility too. You need to be more active, to be ready to be of service to the Universe whatever it needs you. It seems you are a bit afraid of your spiritual talents. Maybe it will help you if you start writing a diary or a book?

Home – changes are very likely to happen soon

I am actually very trilled by your reading! You worked hard, you studied a lot, you explored many options and you are about to take the right decisions leading to profound changes for a highest good of all concerned!

Good luck, Carly!

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