Blessing Angels App

Seeking answers to most pressing questions? Feeling stuck? Needing guidance in times of great change? Longing for support or peace of mind?This exquisite 33 Blessing Angles cards app is created to successfully navigate you when facing crossroads. Whether it is about love, career, finance, health, etc. it guides you to take actions aligned to your true self and be on the right track. This is your personal “GPS from above” bringing clarity and higher perspective to issues of importance.
For art and poetry lovers and everyone in search of Divine guidance.
With this app you can:

  • Receive guidance and angels’ blessings at anytime, anywhere
  • Tap into the Divine world through powerful images from the Orthodox tradition
  • Read your guidance in poems which makes the app unique piece of art
  • Infuse your day with light and positive spirit
  • Choose one card for the day
  • Choose three cards for the week or month
  • Choose twelve cards for the year ahead
  • Save time by making a quick card choice
  • Go back to review your previous choices, it is all saved automatically

This Blessing Angels App is a deep and meaningful creation. It is trustworthy, friendly, easy to use and a great asset shining brightly on your iphone menu!
Available in English, Bulgarian and Danish.

You can install the iPhone app here:

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