The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Living in The Past

Some relationships are affected by our emotional experience in the past. We may have been hurt in previous relationship, but if we have not forgiven and if we have not processed the negativity surrounding that event in the past, we are still there. In other words we still live in the past. This is why our being is not centred, not balanced and therefore not powerful enough. This situation creates feeling of dissatisfaction, we feel something is not quite there, and wrongly address our unhappiness towards people in our present reality.  In fact we still “communicate” with the one that has hurt us in the event let’s say 20 years ago! So we have a physical body living in 21 century, and emotional body stuck in the previous century. How does it feel to be that stretched? Sometimes like crucifixion depending on the degree of pain.

There is another scenario too. The painful event from the past may have been hidden away, wrapped carefully, boxed, and sealed in the subconscious mind, pretending that all is ok, but not healed and therefore may suddenly be provoked by events that resemble similarities. The latter one acting as a key to unlock “a beast”. This key is very often something small, such as colour of a dress, smell of food, sound, etc. anything that connects to or senses and through the senses to the mind and could revive the memory. These tiny details, unlocking memory of hurtful events may sound threatening, but they are also our tools for healing. They can draw help us unlock the past and see it from a new perspective.

Today we can see what was the meaning of all pain? What the Universe was teaching us?

And the major lesson in all past hurts is the FORGIVNESS lesson.

Ask for Forgiveness

One day of our life we really need to learn to forgive! Despite what happened to us, how badly we were treated, misunderstood or punished on a physical or emotional level one of the major lessons in life is to forgive. Forgiveness goes in three directions:

  1. To forgive yourself
  2. To forgive the other people involved
  3. To ask forgiveness.

The process of forgiveness starts with acceptance, with peace of mind. What do you lose if we try? But what do we win if we forgive? The healing power of forgiveness does miracles!

One step at a time. Let’s start we checking the past and be honest- this is our very own life and we can see or change our movie as we wish it to be! What do we want to change today?

The new time is about feeling powerful to participate and create our life events and not to be a victim of circumstances or other people’s will! Past is past, let’s heal it and move forward to joy and bliss that is our nature.

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